Personal Coaching For Experienced Runners

Personal Coaching For Experienced Runners2018-10-20T19:13:41+00:00

Every runner is unique and has a unique background in terms of general sporting activities and individual running history.

A lot of experienced runners set themselves individual targets or goals in their routine running activities such as running a first 10K race, a half marathon or a marathon or alternatively registering new Personal Bests over the range of road race distances. Often this is based on ad hoc training programmes which may lead to overtraining, demotivation and not least the possibility of overuse injury. Motivation can become a particular issue when experienced runners feel that they are not progressing in terms of training and racing objectives.

As a result, running ambitions may be compromised or put on hold , those sought after PB`s may not be achieved and  your plans to move up to the next level in running standards can be frustrated. As your personal running coach, I can examine and review your current and past training activities and identify and correct those which may be counterproductive. I can also look at aspects of your background physical physical fitness regime such as flexibility core stability exercises and strength training which if addressed will hopefully lead to significant improvements.

I can also look at your basic running technique including running gait and cadence and come up with simple suggestions for adjustments which may help to shave those precious seconds off those finishing times. Following on from a review I can offer 1 to 1 coaching sessions at suitable locations in the Canterbury area at times and locations to suit individual needs in terms of work/life balance and traveling factors. As a one to one coach I can assist you directly in designing specific training sessions and monitor motivate and provide that all important personal encouragement and feedback to get through tough sessions.

To find out more about how our personal running coaching services can assist experienced runners like you, call Run & Race on 07985 274875 or use our contact form.

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Alternatively following on from an initial assessment I can offer online running coaching as a way forward if preferred.