OK so only a resolution start but first week into the New Year and have managed to fit in two Parkruns and a Kent Fitness League Cross Country Race as part of yes a resolution to run more races/parkruns in the coming year (injuries and domestics permitting). Two very different Parkruns 1.5 hours apart on New Year`s Day. A flat and very cold seaside Whitstable Parkrun followed by what seemed to be a comparatively mild but hilly Canterbury Parkrun. Followed on Sunday by the KFL cross country over what is usually an extremely muddy and challenging circuit at Nurstead Court Meopham. But surprise surprise due to the comparative lack of rain in recent months the ground conditions were actually  quite dry including what is uually a 100 metre quagmire finishing straight. Nevertheless the course which is a horse eventing venue involved two hilly and energy  sapping laps including two “splashes” through the notorious muddy pond and as an added  treat  this year a line of straw bales to hurdle –  perhaps a left over from a horse event or a nod to the World Cross Country Championships where the courses are invariably flat with the occasional little articial little mounds or yes straw  bales included to give the impression of “cross country” running. Nurstead Court , mud or no mud , is the real thing with a terrific variety of downland and woodland terrain. Next up Minnis Bay where I expect given recent weather and the forecast that the famous mudwater filled ditches will be dry ?