After Storm Ciara  when no chance of getting outside and in theory the worst being over I loooked forward to a long weekend run (hopefully off road) the following weekend. Nature had other plans however and come the weekend after Ciara Storm Dennis turned up and definitely a menace (second wind ?). Waited and waited for it to blow over through Sunday but come the evening with the weather drying out but the wind being just as strong and producing severe gusts decided to give up on the long run and opted for doing some kind of session in a  flat well lit tree and building free location which turned out to be the local park and ride. In the evening when most of the cars had left and no I didn`t drive there just ran there ! Ended up being a weird tempo session with the recoveries(sic) being into the gale and the gusts and the faster elements slightly down wind. The recoveries felt more like hill efforts so an element of strength training and an interesting variation. Still and all can`t wait to get out and about off road. Can put up with the muddy mud and the muddy pools of water but not with the heavy rain and seriously gusty winds thrown in. Roll on spring ??