After a long long break from running due to a persistent upper calf strain ,  a fair amount of physio and a lot of cycling to maintain fitness levels , finally back to racing in the second of this season`s Kent Fitness League events  at Swanley Park. A beautiful crisp cold morning with just under three laps of an undulating and dry ! parkland course with over 560 runners ( the sheer size of the field led to a surreal bottleneck on the first circuit). Took it relatively easy so as not to overstress the calf muscle but had to ease back on the final lap as I became aware of a niggle developing in the lower calf. Hopefully no more than a niggle and not back to the drawing board so backing off from training for a few days with DIY physio and gentle stretching. Not quite sure about the cause but suspect in retrospect it may have stemmed from the stop/start nature of the race with the aforesaid bottleneck and the constant changes in cadence due to the various single file sections of the three laps. Still it is all part of the joys of cross country racing.