Completely new to running? Wary about trying it out for the first time? Wondering where to get started as someone who is new to running? Keen to have a go but perhaps feeling a little bit embarrassed or intimidated by the thought of setting off on your own without the benefit of advice or an experienced running companion?

The prospect of taking up running as a sporting hobby can be daunting for a lot of people and the whole experience of those early runs can turn out to be negative if you end up doing too much too soon and without proper advice. A personal coach is not just for experienced or elite runners. A personal running coach is invaluable for those who are completely new to the sport of running.  I work with runners of all standards and experience, and I am here to help you to reach your individual goals in running whatever your pace.

Each individual is unique with unique and their training requirements are themselves are unique. I will carry out a thorough assessment of your current levels of basic fitness and take into account all of the factors which apply to you personally before making recommendations which are directly relevant to you in your hopes and aspirations as a new runner.  These recommendations can include initial easy pace accompanied runs and training sessions as a way of building up self-confidence.

These accompanied runs will equally importantly give your me an opportunity to observe at first hand your running posture and technique. I can then design a specific ongoing running plan tailored to meet your individual needs and one which is designed to help you achieve your short term and long term goals in running. The plan will take into account your sporting and fitness background together with any specific running ambitions which you as a new runner have and your own individual work/life balance demands.

And remember running is a sport for all and the potential benefits of running apply to all irrespective of natural ability size shape or weight. I will give you the confidence to go out and do it and with the advice appropriate to you as an individual the right sort of encouragement to progress from a hesitant beginner to a self-motivated experienced runner in a surprisingly short space of time.

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