My last of only two previous Park Runs both at Whitstable had been in March 2013 but was interested to experience the event again to see how it had progressed since then and also because quite a few of my clients had got into running as a result of local Park Runs and/or were using them to improve their running fitness and standards. Chose a fairly cool dampish day but with the onshore wind along the promenade nowhere near as bad as had been mooted by the forecasters.Two laps mixture  of promenade and grassy slopes as before but the whole event now highly  professional with kilometre markings and an excellent finish funnel arrangement. Finish  number  and bar code tagged and within the hour back at home an e-mail confirming full finish details and other stats inc age grading. Doesn`t get much slicker than that ! What makes the events special of course is the enthusiasm of the regular group of volunteers and the sense of being part of a local ” family ” of runners for whom the event has become as much of a social get together as a running challenge. Pity I had to get away for panic Christmas shopping – would have liked to have stayed a while to enjoy the post run camaraderie. Found the run itself a little bit hard going – perhaps it was the “what the h… am I going to get for ” stress ?