Threw caution to the wind on Thursday and had a go at a 5000M race at the IEK Open Track meeting in Canterbury. I say race – as it happened it turned out to be more of a a straightforward time trial as once the runners had sorted themselves out after the first 200 metres it was everyman and every woman for himself/herself over the distance. It has been a significant number of years to put it mildly since I last raced on a tartan all weather track. In fact the last time I believe it was over 10000M = 25 laps! In between times had spent a lot more time on the sidelines coaching Junior runners in 800s/1500s. Still and all bottom line it was  an enjoyable if tough tempo  training run and certainly  a good way of spicing up the weekly training/racing. Who knows during the coming summer might have a go at one of the shorter (middle !!) distances to add even more exotic spice?