First of the East Kent Inter Club Relays or to be more precise “Summer” Relays. Big question mark over the summer qualifications of the first outing of the season at Folkestone  as The Promenade and The Leas were cold, very wet and windy . Still after the usual mini  self  pscyhoanalysis out into the aforesaid cold and wet, off into a  warm up and in quick order on the line for handover and an increasingly satisfying 2.5 mile speedy easing of the stiffened post marathon joints .” It`s all on the mind” coaches in most sports are given to saying – and in this case  occasionally murmuring in my  head “2.5  piece of  cake in  when you have just effectively  done 10 continuous legs  of the same distance” was a a good instinctive piece of self coaching. Still hopefully the next in the series will merit the “summer”  bit  – but given the vagaries of this year`s weather a little coating of snow on the Minnis Bay promenade may not raise eyebrows.