The cross country season coming to a close usually (but not always) signals that Spring is just around the corner. The final event in the Kent Fitness League did feel decidedly spring like – temperatures in the sun and sheltered from the still keen northerly breeze were  in the high teens this morning at Fowlmead Park near Deal. The two lap circuit was mostly trail and featured the occasional metre of avoidable mud so totally unlike the “classic” country race. Quite pleased that I have managed ten cross country events the season with the opener a surreal bone dry mid summer like sunny circa 23 degrees at Wilmington in mid October and this final one much the same but with the aforesaid chill wind. Everything in between was the usual mixture of cold ,mist, mud , water and soggy fields. Absolutely love it.There is something about cross country which sets it apart and for me and  makes it so much more enjoyable than any other athletics/running events. Perhaps it is the sheer craziness of it all but mostly I think there is a sense of camaraderie which is simply not matched in your average road race. Roll on the 2017-18 season with perhaps a little snow to add to the flavour !