Saturday and a trip up to Beckenham Place Park in South London for the South of Thames Cross Country Association annual championships. Had run a a couple of XC events in the park in the distant  past but for this event was advised that the race would incorporate a large part of the  adjoining public golf course which controversially had been closed by Lewisham council – so didn`t quite know what to expect. The race was a two lapper over a 7.5 miles and despite the gloomy “pea soup” fog on the day it  turned out to be a great circuit with lots of variety of terrain inc  wooded stretches a few steep uphills and yes it did take in parts of what had been the golf course finishing near to an impressive Georgian mansion house. I say “what had been” the golf course – it actually seemed as if it was still functioning as the greens  still  seemed to be cut and on a couple of occasions we were actually routed across the centre of the greens. As a lifelong golfer it felt a little bit sacriligeous but I consoled myself with the fact that there were no flags  and not a golfer to be seen. Oh and yes another first – a visually impaired runner with a guide. Had of course experienced many of these in road races but quite something to experience in a technical cross country event and a whole knew level of challenge with the guide having to shout out warnings about roots , steep banks etc. Race was very well organised and marked and the marshals were very encouraging thoughout.