Sunday and tannoy  duties at the Canterbury 10 mile road race. Had hoped it would end up being as pleasant as the day before. Very cold  on Saturday yes  but with clear warming sunshine by mid morning – but instead from arrival at around 0800 to departure and for the rest of the day Sunday  turned out to be freezing cold  and decidedly murky. Fine if a little bit miserable  for the runners once they were up and running but setting up and connecting speakers wires etc with frozen fingertips not the easiest of jobs. As for clocking the race numbers and calling out the runners names etc as they approached the line again quite a challenge as the visibility certainly at the start of the finish( as it were ) was limited though it improved progressively. Fingertips  remained on the frozen side however. A big turn out for what is a longstanding traditional  and well organised Canterbury event – just under 1300 runners. Finish area this year was much better than in recent years with a flat,wide and most importantly a  straight 100 metres to the chip timing mat. Great mix of club and non affiliated runners and always  good to see one of our Kent Members of Parliament , Rehman Chishti , a talented runner and  a regular in local endurance races setting a great example to his Parliamentary colleagues. Invicta East Kent are to be congratulated for their  organisation of the race  particularly given the difficulties which they have faced  in recent years with having to change the start / finish area. Hopefully this new start/finish set up will be retained for the foreseeable future.