The third of the East Kent Inter Club relays took place in Victoria Park Ashford yesterday evening or should I say Equatorial New Ashford(explanation to come). To put things in context the first event was on 17th May  at Folkestone and it featured freezing Arctic sea winds. The only thing missing was ice and snow. Come the second relay event at Minnis Bay on 31st May there was a marginal improvement in temperatures but runners were faced with high tides and winds sending waves (and at one point a large dead tuna fish ) crashing on to the promenade (most of the out and back  course followed the promenade). The waves wiped out the electronic timing but fortunately all the runners got back safely. Not unexpectedly therefore runners were looking forward to warmer and calmer conditions in the third event in downtown Ashford. I gather that the weather in the park served up up another impressive variation with oppressive heat (yes it certainly proved to be warmer) violent thunderstorms and horrendous down pours – thankfully towards the end of the evening. No dead tuna fish. Can`t wait for the next instalment at Samphire Hoe on 21st June – might be the turn of zero visibility sea fog (the Hoe has past  form for this type of thing ). We shall see.