“Warmed up” for the next in the Inter Club Relay series by walking the 24 miles of  the Saxon Shore Way from Sandwich to Whitstable on Sunday.Overcast and windy and the  route along the Stour to Plucks Gutter and Grove Ferry particularly overgrown due to the surreal spring weather – so not as pleasant a trek as it might have been. On the plus side the wind was at our backs for the last section from Reculver to Whitstable although the hard surface concrete did start to wear a bit on the joints by the time we got to Whitstable where guess what – yes the sun appeared for the first time. Hopefully the team  competitors in the  Saxon Shore Relay Race will have better weather.  By Tuesday evening the stiffened joints had greatly eased and  by the end of an enjoyable relay leg of  4.4K  around Victoria Park in Ashford  everything was  back to ” normal” – undrescoring the fact that long distance walking is a good bolt on to general training