News Years Eve and a visit to the Isle of Thanet to take part in the Pegwell Bay Parkrun at the Pegwell Bay Nature Reserve. First visit to the area after many years and apart from the  “empty zone” following the removal of the old Richborough Power Station cooling chimneys , huge changes to the road layout and landscape including the creation of the Nature Reserve.  No obvious marauding Vikings in sight and a great location for a Parkrun event being mostly flat gravel paths through the reserve with good views over the estuary along the route. Superb organisation and support from the organisers and marshals made up for what was a rather dismal morning weather wise. Highly recommended. Followed this up in the afternoon with a trip to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury (oh yes I did ) an annual treat with the magnificent Ben Roddy , a long time supporter of the Man on the Run Cancer Research UK 5K race , doing his stint as the dame. All in all a fantastic way to end what has been in many ways a strange year !