Tuesday and first East Kent Inter Club Relay of the season. Had missed the first two due to domestics. Approx 2.5 mile leg double lapper in Ashford`s Victoria Park on a beautiful summers evening. Nice and flat apart from a stinging little 30 metre rise at the end of each lap. This year`s events have been “spiced” up by the introduction of an actual baton change as opposed to a simple “touch” handover. Given the length of each of the relay legs little chance of anyone dropping the baton at the handover point and little danger of anyone taking the handover outside of the handover zone. Still it did give an idea of the changeover perils inherent in a 4 x 100M !!Next stop Dymchurch promenade. Hopefully the seagulls¬†won`t be too upset and that they won`t try to join in !