After nearly three weeks out because of a chest infection I was really looking forward to having a go at a local Parkrun during a visit to Northern Ireland. It turned out to be an absolute  treat. Location was the Valley Leisure Centre in Newtownabbey,County Antrim just north of Belfast. Two laps round a scenic woodland  course on tarmac paths with the stunning  local mountain called Cavehill above and the shore of Belfast Lough below. The course markings were far and away the best I have come across with the start line designated with an engraved slate on stone and the kilometre and mile markings on similar stones. Added to this were marked direction signs on posts  throughout the course. Possibly the best feature was the finish which involved running through a stunning sculptured archway which I believe is called the “Peace Arch”? Usual great Parkrun atmosphere and support from the marshals plus an added de luxe feature of split time called out at halfway. Highly recommended if you are in the area.