Back into the swing of things after a long enforced break from training and racing and really enjoying the sheer fun of it and the all important feel good factor after finishing . Second Cross Country event of the season at Blean Woods in Rough Common , Canterbury turned out to be a real mudfest due to the natural bogginess of the starting/finishing field greatly enhanced by the months of on /off rain we have been having. Got an idea of what was in store for us Seniors when I was approached for help by a young kid who had LOST one of his shoes in the mud when WARMING UP on the field for the his race.Had a look round the general area but no sign – the mud had swallowed it up ! Onto the main event and by the time the second circuit of the field came around a lot of runners were reduced to a trudge – and that was with 4 miles left to go! The main course itself was a breeze by comparison with the usual ponds along the Radfall section being little more than shallow puddles. On return to the the main field the effect of 300 + runners had really taken its toll with the last 250 metres resembling Parliament Hill at its best (worst?). Still and all Cross Country racing at its finest giving a minimum x 2 distance factor in terms of endurance training (body and soul).