After a few days of housebound confinement decided to go out for a shortish interval session yesterday evening in what I thought was the tail end of Storm Dennis. Yes the rain had stopped and the sky was clear but as I found out the winds had not entirely abated so ended up doing 300M reps with the “recoveries” all interspersed with sudden and severe gusts of winds which made the session all the more interesting (and challenging). Dennis was supposedly the  least powerful of the two consecutive storms we have had and it must have been a frustrating Ciara weekend for those runners who simply couldn`t risk going outside even for a walk and for those who had plabnned to run in an event on the Saturday or the Sunday. Our own local Kent Fitness League Cross Country  event was cancelled  and along the coast the various sea promenade events were also scrapped. The good news fingers crossed is that the woinds will abate this week . The bad news = more rain/flooding