Saturday watched the IAAF World Championships Cardiff Half  Marathon on the Beeb ( great to still  have these fantastic races free to view for licence payers – almost makes it worth the cost ). Expected a great race largely because I had anticipated from the weather forecast that the course though advertised as flat would be a real challenge given the expected wind and rain. And of course any race with Mo Farah in it is bound to be a treat. It turned out to be an amazing spectacle with the eventual winner Geoffrey Kamworor falling/being knocked over at the start and then somehow recovering both mentally and psychically and go on to dominate the race. Had it not been for the anticipated weather turning up in the last mile or so of the race he was on course for a near world record as was Mo for a new European record. Amazing to see these top endurance athletes gritting their teeth and digging in despite the wind and the rain (Kamorir was almost blown over at one stage in the last mile). Forget tennis players,footballers,golfers (BTW I confess to being one of the latter – non earning ). These athletes REALLY work for and earn their money. And behind them the  thousands of  club runners and charity runners do exactly the same in their own fashion and in their own way. Having seen Mo digging in through the last two miles ( and literally ) in the last few yards to grab third place I have even greater respect for him . What a shining example to the sports minded youth in GB – no histrionics,no excuses,no tantrums just sheer guts and determination. Incidentally  it is no surprise Kamworor is the reigning World Cross Country championship. UKA should be focusing even more in developing cross country racing amongst the current and future younger generations to enable us to produce the broad base  quality world class middle and long distance athletes which we used to be renowned for.