All set for an enjoyable Brighton 10K on Sunday 18th After a bit of an adventure locating a place to park, ending up about a mile from the race start area. Got  there with about 15 mins to spare before the 1000 start time.Fantastic weather – sunny calm and warm and great atmosphere with around 3000 runners.Chose not to do a warm up along the very crowded promenade as I had walked the mile – with the benefit of hindsight perhaps a mistake. Running great until around 6.5k and then felt a twinge in my left hamstring.At just over 7K the twinge definitely was telling me it had become a strain. Stopped,tried a few stretches, walked for a while then started running again and then a repeat of the same.Eventually ended up up half jogging/running for the last 2K determined to finished but a little bit bemused/annoyed as I have never had hamstring problems before. A bit of R.I.C.E in the St Johns Ambulance tent  after finishing and a walk back to the car eased the strain a bit but I knew that training was going to be on hold for a while. Still it has taught me not to skimp on the pre race warm up in future.