After a very long break from races and a proper training regime due to a combination of injury niggles and domestics a return to the glorious Autumnal setting of Knole Park in Sevenoaks for the first of the season`s races in the Kent Cross Country Fitness League. As usual a huge turnout of well over 500 runners for the opening event and the warmish dry weather and a dry course made it feel more like a summer trail race.

 A two lap course of just under six miles incorporating 4 short but very steep climbs and two long sapping uphill grinds makes Sevenoaks a serious psychological and physical challenge so at the end of the day an excellent de facto hard training session. And as always a great sense of team spirit and cameraderie.

Overall verdict? Will wait to see how my calves and knees recover.  At the moment I am experiencing what I can only describe as “Under Use Injuries”.