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All runners from beginners through to seasoned race competitors can benefit greatly from a personalised coaching and training plan. As an experienced running coach we offer dedicated one to one coaching services to runners at all levels and standards in the Canterbury and East Kent area giving advice and support to those who are new to running and to more experienced runners who are keen to improve their overall running fitness and to improve their race times.


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We offer comprehensive individual assessments to each runner. Following the completion of an in depth questionnaire  we will carry out  a full evaluation of individual runners and their individual running history. We assess each runners strengths and weaknesses and identify any constraints or complications which impact on their training activities.This will enable us to create a “runner profile” and based on this we can then devise a basic forward  training action plan for each individual. We can also offer detailed advice and training programmes for those who are targeting specific distance races ranging from 5K up to and including London and other Spring Marathons and can provide ongoing online feedback if required . We also offer direct training session coaching on a one to one or group basis using local track or trail locations in the Canterbury area.